About CIDI

Founded by Professor Li Zexiang – renowned robotics entrepreneur and mentor at HKUST – in October 2017, CiDi (Changsha Intelligent Driving Institute) Ltd. focuses on technological innovation and execution needed to create practical intelligent driving commercial vehicles and products. Gathering industry top talent and support of elite venture capital investments, the company has a 12,000 sq. meter research facility located in Changsha, Hunan, China. The company has obtained testing permits on public roads for SAE Level 4 trucks which can run at over 100km/h on highways. During the first two years, the company completed multiple projects for different types of commercial vehicles and special vehicles. Among them, CiDi has delivered both unmanned and remote controlled mining trucks to mining areas for operation;  operated intelligent buses on open city streets; and mass-produced V2X-connected vehicles and equipment in multiple cities and regions.


Development History


Changsha city inaugurates the “Double 100” open road project, providing a cooperative vehicle-to-infrastructure roadside perception solution for urban highways; intelligent heavy-duty trucks are tested on open roads in autonomous and in platoon-driving modes.


CiDi places the “Smart Fresh” product in trial operation.


CiDi obtains the first trans-provincial test license, on open roads in Zhejiang province, to become an intelligent driving heavy-duty truck company holding four road test licenses.


CiDi completes intelligent mining truck project. Clients receive driverless mining trucks were enhanced by augmented reality and teleoperational driving capabilities.


The National Open Road Intelligent Bus Line formally inaugurated, in which CiDi plays key role in delivering SAE Level 4 autonomous driving buses.


CiDi completes second iteration of intelligent driving systems.


CiDi ported modification techniques for intelligent heavy-duty trucks across vehicle platforms, retrofitting its first fully-electric intelligent bus; CiDi placed the first V2X product production line into operation. The team size at CiDi reaches 200 members, which includes 15 PhD-level and 87 Masters-level engineers.


CiDi’s V2X unit wins contract for V2I intelligent transportation road-retrofit project, with the goal of deploying V2X-based cooperative systems and equipment.


CiDi achieves automated driving at speeds over 100 km/h for intelligent heavy-duty trucks.


CiDi conducts the second iteration of its product development cycle, initializing a technology R&D center with advanced equipment.


The government of Changsha formulates the National Open Road Intelligent Business Line. CiDi contributed to the management and operation scheme for the National Intelligent and Connected (Changsha) Testing Area.


CiDi signs its first sales contract for V2X network products.


The company assists the Changsha Municipal People’s Government in drafting “Implementing Regulations for Managing Changsha Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Road Tests (Trial)”, released formally on April 16.


The Chairman of the Board, Li Zexiang, delivers a keynote speech at the “China Electric Vehicle 100 Forum 2018” and presents CiDi formally to industry and media.


A Strategic Cooperation Agreement is signed between CiDi and the Changsha Municipal People’s Government.


CiDi outlines its organizational architecture and agile development processes, centering on principles of dimensionality-reduction and decoupling.


Changsha Intelligent Driving Institute (CiDi) is established.