CiDi Intelligent Sweepers

CiDi Intelligent Sweeper is powered by hybrid redundant sensors and embedded processor. It can automatically detect road edges, drive alongside a street curb, and stop or bypass when running into obstacles on its own. Features like fault diagnosis and smartphone app control are also available. Intelligent assisted driving, intelligent following and unmanned driving can be provided according to actual needs. This can effectively improve operating efficiency and reduce the cost of urban sanitation.


Intelligent Assisted Driving

Based on DBW chassis and multi-sensor systems, the vehicle can sweep along street curbs, and stop or bypass when running into obstacles. Features such as IVR voice prompts, one-click-to-start, manual intervention prompt, fault diagnosis, mobile inspection and other functions can also be included. The vehicle can automatically spot travelable areas by the curbside and sweep at a constant speed while keeping close to the curbs as possible, with accuracy no less than 5cm. Real-time sensor data can be uploaded to the operation management cloud for data interaction and control, effectively reducing drivers’ labor intensity and improving work safety.

Intelligent Following Mode

In addition to the intelligent assisted driving, intelligent following mode includes features such as DbW sweeping, remote control operation, intelligent tracking, precise positioning and APP control. Vehicles in following mode can automatically tag along with a sanitary worker in specific urban scenarios. For instance, it takes only one man and one CiDi vehicle to simultaneously and respectively clean a non-motor lane and sidewalk, which can slash labor costs.

Self-driving Mod

Used in closed campuses, the self-driving mode is 5G network-based. It has combined the intelligent following mode with a remote driving system, making one-operator-commanding-several-vehicles at the same time a reality. Big data analysis through cloud supervision platform realizes intelligent scheduling, cuts manpower, and boosts operational efficiency. 




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