Automatic driving solution of mine truck

CiDi Intelligent Driving provides total solutions for automatic mining trucks, teleoperated intelligent driving mining trucks, and smart mines.


1. Solution for automated driving mining trucks:

We take the mature automated driving architecture at CiDi, together with our sensing, planning and positioning systems , and apply them to mining trucks, deploying a fully-automated vehicle in toxic mining scenarios.

The automated driving of mining trucks mainly contains the following functions::

● All-weather dynamic perception within 100 meters

● Automated driving for roads

● Avoidance of dynamic and static mine targets

● Vehicle parking into shovel and crusher

● Remote real-time data and video monitoring

● Mining truck scheduling system for centralized command and logistics

● Teleoperated, vehicle-based, or near pedestrian emergency stops

● Real-time path planning based on 3D dynamic planning models

2.Teleoperated Intelligent Driving Solution:

Our teleoperated trucks transmit camera data to a virtual control cabin in real time through remote communication, while operating instructions of a remote driver are transmitted simultaneously back to the truck for execution. Automated driving of mining trucks is responsible during intermediate transportation, while teleoperated driving is used during loading and unloading operations. Operators may conduct safe and efficient mining truck maneuvers through teleoperating multiple mining trucks in an indoor office environment.

The teleoperated intelligent driving system mainly realizes the following functions:

● Low-latency intelligent and connected remote communication system

● Highly-fidelity simulated and fully-functional virtual control cabin

● Mining Truck 360° surrounding view

● Automatic and safe stops for vehicle signal disconnects

● Mining truck dynamic control switching

● Mining truck automated route navigation

3.Intelligent Mine Solution:

CiDi can deploy general scheduling and autonomous solutions for entire open-pit mines through basic intelligent networking, 5G and 4G communication, and global positioning systems.

Intelligent mines includes the following functions:

● Intelligent networking system covering entire open-pit mines

● 5G and 4G communication public and private network covering entire open-pit mines

● Global traffic-targeted and non-traffic-targeted positioning systems covering open-pit mines

● Safety and emergency communication strategies covering open-pit mines

● Truck scheduling system

● General mine target-scheduling system

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