Automatic Driving Solution for Mining

CiDi Automatic Driving Solution For Mining features automatic driving system of mining trucks, tele-operated driving system, V2X system, and intelligent monitoring system. This integrated CiDi ecosystem that has realized unmanned loading, shipping, and unloading, ensures safe, efficient, and coordinated operations in mines.


Automatic Driving System 

CiDi Automatic Driving System, empowered by ECUs (electronic control unit) and mature sensing, planning and positioning technologies, has made safe and fully-automated driving a reality under various circumstances, such as in mining platforms, on shipping lanes, in crushing stations, and in parking lots.


● Lidar, millimeter-wave  radar, vision sensors, ultrasonic radar for redundant safety-critical sensin

● High-precision positioning based on RTK and LIDAR point cloud

● Real-time path-planning, dynamic response, and monitoring of operational requests  

● Automatic parking, and precise reversing in loading points and mining lots

Tele-Operated Driving System

CiDi Tele-Operated Driving System, connected to its server via 4G/5G wireless network, sends driving instructions to mining trucks and collects real-time vehicle information and graphic data at the same time. The system enables one driver to monitor and tele-operate several mining trucks. 


● Able to shift between tele-monitoring, tele-operating, and automatic driving modes

● Able to tele-operate multiple mine trucks in sync

● Low-cost and high-resolution video, and low-delay signal transmission 

● Obstacle-warning, audible perception, and 360-degree panoramic driving simulation


V2X System for Mining

The system realizes information exchange between operators, vehicles, and loading equipment through vehicle terminals and roadside equipment. It accesses the real-time status of the vehicles, traffic conditions, and loading operations, among other data. Therefore, it is able to provide decision-makers of auto-driving or intelligent-monitoring with adequate reference and information, enabling unmanned logistics and operation in mining environments. 


● Supports 5G wireless network, enabling integrated V2X management

● Precise positioning traffic targets and non-traffic targets in mining environments

● Real-time monitoring loading, realizing automated operation

● Supports dynamic data-collecting for road networks and electronic fences

Intelligent Monitoring System

The monitoring system, based on ore-proportioning data, accordingly optimizes shoveling, loading, and shipping tasks, satisfying grading requirements and boosting operating efficiency. In the co-existence stage of manned and unmanned driving modes, it achieves synergy in intelligent monitoring, making mining operations safer and faster.


● Supports automatic, semi-automatic, and human monitoring modes; automatically mapping out the best driving path and the optimal truck-and-shovel-ratio

● Supports real-time and dynamic monitoring and dispatching of shoveling, loading, and shipping in mines 

● Supports editing, deleting, revising, and dispatching of road network and electronic fence data

● Real-time safety monitoring of mine operations and promptly responding to contingencies 

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