CiDi Intelligent Multi-Functional Refrigerated Trailer

CiDi Intelligent Multi-Functional Refrigerated Trailer comprises an intelligent tractor and a semi-trailer of an intelligent refrigerated cabinet. Equipped with an array of intelligent safety driving aids like i-View panoramic system, Lane Departure Warning(LDW) System, and Driver Fatigue Monitor(DFM) System, the trailer ensures  the safety of the vehicle and the integrity of the goods during long-distance transport. Its intelligent refrigerated cabinet is the first of its kind in China, the latest sophisticated cold-chain technologies tailor-made for perishable agricultural products. It manages four core cutting-edge technologies: intelligent air-conditioning, whole-cabinet negative pressure control, precise temperature-control, and cloud monitoring. By tapping hydromechanics, ethylene control technology and active air flap control technology, it “hypnotizes” the fruits and vegetables during shipment, delays their decay, ripens, and extends shelf life, realizing end-to-end refrigeration. 


Zero Loss of Quality During Transport

CiDi multi-functional refrigeration technologies (negative pressure control, gas regulation, ethylene control, and internal flow field analysis) ensures zero loss of quality of fruits and vegetables during transport.

The Rate of Fuel Savings - About 20%

We reduce the fuel consumption of the refrigerated truck using a matching hybrid electrical semitrailer, along with a multi-energy management system (photovoltaic and external power supplies) and external flow field technology.

Saving 20% of fuel consumption 

CiDi trailers adopt hybrid semi-trailers, multi-energy management system (PV and external power supplies), and external flow field technology in effect slashing fuel consumption.

temperature variation within ±1℃

The internal flow field analysis of the cabinet improves stacking, packaging, and temperature stability.

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