Intelligent Multi-Functional Refrigerated Trailer

We realize “zero” loss during fresh fruits and vegetables transportation, achieving a rate of fuel savings beyond 20%, product temperature differences within ±1°, which greatly reduces transport loss, and improves transport efficiency


“Zero” Loss for Fresh Transportation

We realize “zero” loss during the transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables through the application of multi-functional freshness-preservation technologies (negative pressure control technology, gas regulation technology, ethylene control technology, and internal flow field analysis)

The Rate of Fuel Savings - About 20%

We reduce the fuel consumption of the refrigerated truck using a matching hybrid electrical semitrailer, along with a multi-energy management system (photovoltaic and external power supplies) and external flow field technology

Product temperature differences within ±1°

We achieve small temperature variations through modifying the package and storage of goods, and improving temperature balance by analyzing the internal flow field of the refrigerated cabinet

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