Intelligent Networked Road Side Unit (RSU 2.0)

We combine sensors (including LIDAR, millimeter-wave radar, and image acquisition with fusion perception) with an edge computing unit to assist computing and data processing, and achieve comprehensive cooperative traffic management in-the-cloud.


● Built-in WIFI, LTE, DSRC (IEEE802.11p), C-V2X (LTE-V) modules, supporting three types of models – LTE/LTE-V/DSRC, and supporting upgrading 5G V2X 

● Supporting GPS/Beidou, built-in RTK GPS module, supporting enhanced release of high-precision positioning information, and providing V2I-based high-precision differential positioning information as an RTK positioning base station

● Supporting vehicle-to-network (V2N) coordination, transmitting real-time road information to the cloud for management, and also obtaining weather, map, dynamic traffic and other information from the cloud

● Acting as the intelligent sensing base station on the road, our RSUs externally interface with traffic signal controllers and traffic flow video analyzers, and extends the sensing range of vehicles through a vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) cooperative system

● Supporting static traffic information release of local roads (speed limits, green wave speed suggestion, traffic signs, lane marking, traffic light status, etc.)

● Supporting dynamic traffic information broadcast of local roads (pedestrian crossing warnings, real-time dynamic traffic congestion map download and broadcast)


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