Intelligent Road Side Unit (RSU 2.0)


● Built-in WIFI, LTE, DSRC(IEEE802.11p) and C-V2X(LTE-V) modules, supports LTE/LTE-V/DSRC modes and upgrades to 5G V2X

● Supports GPS/Beidou, RTK GPS module(built-in); supports enhanced release of RTK positioning information; provides V2I-based high-precision differential GPS information as an RTK location base station

● Supports V2N communication, sends real-time road condition information to cloud for management; gets weather, maps, dynamic traffic information etc from cloud

● Acts as a intelligent sensing base station which interfaces with traffic signal controller and traffic camera, and extends the sensing range of vehicles through V2I communication 

● Supports static traffic information broadcasting (speed limits, green wave speed suggestion, traffic signs, lane markings, traffic light status, etc.)

● Supports dynamic traffic information broadcasting (pedestrian crossing warning, real-time dynamic traffic map service, etc.)




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