Intelligent On-board Unit (OBU) 2.0


● Built-in WIFI, LTE, DSRC(IEEE802.11p) and C-V2X(LTE-V) modules, supports LTE/LTE-V/DSRC modes and upgrades to 5G V2X

● USB/RJ45 camera interface,  provides one channel for 720p V2V HD video transmission and two channels for real-time 480p V2N video transmission

● Built-in GPS/ Beidou and RTK GPS module , provides high-precision positioning information

● Supports vehicle data and video transmit (V2N), and send real-time information acquired by vehicles to cloud platform for monitoring and management

● Supports V2V communication, help driver keep safe, eliminate blind spots and extend vision through information sharing when driving

● Supports V2I communication, and gets static and dynamic traffic information such as traffic signs 、traffic lights etc

● Supporting pedestrian collision warnings (V2P)




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