Urban Road Networked and Intelligent Solution

V2X + Cooperative Intersection Surveillance System  (CISS)

For a typical crossroad traffic scneario, information can be transferred among pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles, traffic lights, and intelligent networked vehicles. This is achieved by integrating and combining the technology of sensors, sensor fusion algorithms, V2X technology, and traffic optimization algorithms.


Some Functionality

● Traffic Light Time Remainder Broadcasts

● APP Interface for Regular Vehicles

● Detection and warnings for pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles –based  on vision and millimeter-wave radar

● Reverse-driving warnings

● Crossroad collision warnings

● Intelligent traffic lights

● Breaking traffic lights warning and prompting

● Red light violation warnings

● Video monitoring

● Vision-based cross-device pedestrian and vehicle tracking

● BVR video sensing

● Traffic situation awareness (LDM)

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