Networked and intelligent solution for highway

V2X + Cooperative Road Surveillance System (CRSS)

Intelligent vehicles wireless networks direct road infrastructure, V2X vehicle infrastructure, and cloud cooperative technology to cooperatively solve problems which isolated vehicle intelligence on the road cannot. It reduces manual interventions of intelligent vehicles, and adds an additional redundant layer of protection for the safety of automatic driving.


Part of functions

● BVR vision sensing

● BVR obstacle detection

● BVR dynamic driving area perception

● V2I-based operation vehicle scenario

● V2I-based reminder of road signs contents

● Detection of the entrance of pedestrians and animals

● Video monitoring

● Dynamic driving area detection

●  Extreme weather (low visibility, icy road) detection and warnings

● Abnormal objects (falling rock, spoil) detection and warnings

● Fire and smoke warnings in tunnels

●  Driver’s status monitoring and warnings

● Real-time warnings for traffic violations (speeding, rule violations)

● Lane merging

● Traffic flow statistics

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