Intelligent & Connection Solution for Highway

V2X + Cooperative Road Surveillance System (CRSS)

CRSS is a road-side perception base station, which can extend the perception range of the automated vehicle. It enables monitoring of vehicle statues, pedestrian and road information, and report abnormal road situations at low-latency, providing intelligent applications with traffic information and cooperative management capabilities.



● BVR video sensing

● BVR obstacle detection

● BVR dynamic driving area perception

● V2I-based operation vehicle scenario

● V2I-based Road Sign Alert

● Detection of the entrance of pedestrians and animals

● Video monitoring

● Dynamic driving area detection

● Extreme weather (low visibility, icy roads) detection and warning

● Abnormal objects (falling rock, spoil) detection and warning

● Tunnel Fire and Smoke Warning

● Driver’s Status Evaluation and Warning

● Real-time alarm for vehicle violations (speeding, other driving violations, exceeding limit)

● Lane merging

● Traffic flow statistics

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