Advanced Driving Assistance System Solution

CiDi provides its clients with a one-stop L2 intelligent driving solution that has integrated data fusion and multiple sensor environment perception, AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking), and LKA (Lane Keeping Aid) functions. With mature hardware platforms and AUTOSAR software architecture, it follows classic V-shaped application development model. It meets the safety parameters and the requirements of domestic and international standard laws, long sensing distance, low false-triggering rate, and sound, optical and tactile triggers etc. 



● Forward Collision Warning(FCW) 

● Pedestrian Collision Warning(PCW)                                 

● Lane Departure Warning(LDW)

● Headway Monitoring Warning(HMW)                                        

● Speed Limit Indication (SLI)

● Autonomous Emergency Braking(AEB)                                            

● Adaptive Cruise Control(ACC)

● Lane Keeping Aid(LKA)

● Intelligent Cruise Assist(ICA)

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