Self-Driving Truck Solution

CiDi Self-driving Truck Solution is an across-the-board embedded solution for a wide range of vehicles. It is capable of precise parking, loading and unloading in various scenarios such as parks, urban areas, and freeways. For instance, functions such as entering and exiting freeways, driving at speeds of no more than 100km/h, forming expressway platoon, and autonomous passing through overpasses and tunnels are included. It is poised to provide a one-stop solution for freeway freight transportation and intra/inter-campus warehouse-to-warehouse logistics.



● CiDi Self-driving Truck Solution adopts a deep embedded AutoSAR architecture standard and highly reliable sensors and controllers, which are compatible with a variety of automotive grade domain controllers. The solution boosts the overall system reliability.

● CiDi Self-driving Truck Solution adopts scalable hardware and software architectures with a variety of mature perceptual decision configurations which can be quickly extended or tailored to fit a variety of application scenarios and cost requirements. On the same architecture, CiDi provides flexible customization options on multiple levels from automated driving L2 to L4.

● CiDi Self-driving Truck Solution employs multiple software and hardware fault monitors, with a seamless upgrade/downgrade process, to ensure safe self-driving.

● CiDi Self-driving Truck Solution uses open application scenario definition and decision-making interface to enable users to perform quick setup and custom development.

● CiDi Self-driving Truck Solution uses MSDF (multi-sensor data fusion) to enable centimeter-level positioning in various scenarios such as open-air, indoor space, and locations with undesired signal reception.

● CiDi Self-driving Truck Solution is compatible with OpenDrive standard high-precision maps and self-developed driving maps to achieve lane level route planning and accurate navigation of vehicles to destination.

● CiDi Self-driving Heavy Truck Solution uses heterogeneous hybrid sensors to adapt to a variety of weather/lighting environments, providing a maximum peripheral view of 30m, a maximum backward view of 300m, and a forward view up to 1,000m.

● CiDi Self-driving Heavy Truck Solution is capable of intelligent decision-making capabilities and handling over 100 scenarios including passing through intersections, autonomous overtaking, entering and exit tunnels  .

● CiDi Self-driving Heavy Truck Solution develops adaptive vehicle control algorithms, with various dynamics control models for different types of vehicles, such as semi-trailer and rigid bodies. It is able to cope with a variety of road surfaces and payloads automatically.

● CiDi Self-driving Heavy Truck Solution offers a full-process simulation testing system, which can effectively replace 90% of real vehicle testing, including a variety of extreme and generalized testing conditions.

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