Intelligent Connected Road Management System


The cloud control platform integrates traffic service systems such as video monitoring system, traffic flow detection system, signal control system, etc. to help managers understand the operation status of the road network and its change patterns in real time, provide reliable prediction and planning decisions for self-driving automobile and provide remote real-time monitoring of road traffic conditions for traffic management decision-making departments.

Through video monitoring system, detection system and mobile terminal, the information management of traffic infrastructure is realized, which helps managers to fully perceive and monitor the status of infrastructure, provides support for traffic infrastructure safety management and maintenance management, and improves traffic operation management and services. At the same time, the historical data of traffic flow, traffic violations and traffic accidents can be collected, integrated and analyzed according to different categories, so as to make analysis and judgment of traffic situation, achieve the purpose of science-based and detailed management, and provide decision-making basis for optimization of traffic management departments in traffic organization, police force deployment, equipment layout and other aspects.


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