• Creating practical intelligent driving products

    We focus on the intelligent driving of commercial vehicles that are enhanced by V2X solutions, including the use of intelligent roadside units (iRSU) and on-board units (iOBU).

  • Livox&CiDi

  • The first autonomous heavy-duty truck on the highway

    Our heavy-duty trucks have achieved 100 km/h speeds autonomously. They have completed: adaptive car-following, automated parking, automated U-turns, automated obstacles avoidances, and multi-lane changes, among other functions.

  • Contributing over 20,000 lines of code to the Apollo Open Source Project is one way we have combined efforts with industry partners to help solve challenging problems in intelligent driving

    Annual road transportation costs in China exceeds trillions of RMB. Experienced truck drivers often save 30% in energy costs compared to new drivers. Autonomous driving is an effective means to promote the safety of heavy-duty truck driving, time cost savings, operational cost savings, and energy consumption savings.